From the feeling of strange presence, wrapped in distant whispers and led by subtle hints she comes. Govra — the deity of the end. She waits in silence to appear where something ends — a day, a road or a human life. Her image, elusive as her very self, combines cold lines of a venomous insect with fluid shape of a deep-sea fish.

Affected by her spell, members of the music-scientific expedition, explorers of prehistoric tombs, acoustic diggers also known as the band Montezuma’s Revenge have recorded the hymn of the enigmatic goddess. 4 remixes have been added by researchers from fellow sound processing fascilities.

The cold granite of GovraPod encapsulates the sounds within. A special flash-drive with the recording of the hymn and it’s processed variations rests at the core of this mini-sarcofagus. The lyric of the song is transcribed in strangely shaped letters on the enclosed poster signed by the project’s architects.

GovraPod is available for pre-orders